Painted Objects

I’ll paint just about anything to give it new life! Click here to tell me what you’d like to have reinvented.

Child’s Rocking Chair

high chair

Front and back of child-size rocking chair

Wooden Bar Stool

colorful man-umbrella-stand_fewer-views

Wooden bar stool shown at different angles

Doll’s High Chair

high chair

Front and back of miniature wooden high chair for a doll

Fish on Legs

fish on-legs-1fish on-legs-2

Two sides of wooden fish on legs


molding front

Wooden molding, upside down

Sitting Figure

sitting creature-2-sides

Two sides of seated wooden creature

Rotary Phone

Rotary Phone

Vintage rotary phone with metallic paint

Hippie Microbus

hippie van

Model green microbus with metallic paint and hippie motif

Wooden Figure

wooden man-2-sides

Two sides of wooden figure

Wooden Heart

heart 1heart 2

Wooden heart holder

Antique Mirror

heart 1

Wood-framed mirror

Painted Artist’s Model

heart 1

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