Painted Musical Instruments

Instruments no longer playable transformed into sculptures. Prices based on instrument. Click here to get started.


broken guitar-front-%26-back

Front and back of painted guitar with added jewelry, cut-out paper and ribbons


2 cornetscornet 3

Three separate cornets painted with metallic paint and with magnet flowers  replacing the mouthpieces


mandolin front-%26-back

All sides of a painted mandolin with ribbons criss-crossing the string area.

Oboe & Clarinet


Painted oboe and clarinet ladies with wooden sun-shaped heads, ribbons, silk flowers and painted spiral wooden shapes

Violin Bows

violin bows-2

Three violin bows with metallic painted cut paper hung using oboe reed thread

Organ Pipe

organ pipe-4-sides

Four sides of an organ pipe

Flamenco Violin

Flamenco Violin-front%2Bback

Flamenco themed painted violin with ribbons and paper flower

Deconstructed Violin

PSA violin_front-%26-back

Front and back of a violin


Sax 2-sides

Metallic painted tenor sax 

Painted Violins

3 violins

Painted violins with ribbons and silk flowers

Autumnal Violin

Autumnal painted violin

Front and back of Autumnal-themed painted violin

Colorful Violin

Colorful violin

Front and back of colorful painted violin

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