Lala Land

The background was created by my three- and five-year old grandkids in 2017, and the cartoon drawings and limericks were created by one of my daughters (nicknamed Lala) when she was in middle and high school in the 1990s.


For this piece I cut out images from various samples of art by my twin daughters when they were in their pre-teens and a bit younger. I painted patterns of my own to help tie the images together.

Graduation Gift

I created four collages and combined them in one frame by cutting geometric and organic shapes from colorful abstract parts of my daughters’ artwork, plus some of my own painted/pencil/pastel scraps. I gave each daughter one as a high school graduation gift and they are hanging in their grown-up homes today.

Bubble Bath

As with most of my children’s collages, I include small photos of the children themselves. In this one, a photo shows two happy girls in a bubble bath.


The colorful torn pieces were extracted from a friend's three-year-old, Avi. This shows the layout before I glued everything down.

Benjamin Fish

I found some thin wooden fish from a broken mobile so incorporated them into this underwater scene (with tiny little creatures you must look closely to see). It was created for my grandson, Benjamin.

Elizabeth in Tree

I painted this for my granddaughter, Elizabeth, before she had a little brother. She’s in the tree and mommy and daddy are watching from afar. It hangs in her bedroom.

Blue Frame

This was created with scraps snipped from various art projects brought home from art classes and saved over the years.

Barrette Collage

This collage combines paint, photos, barrettes, silk flowers, colored pencil and pastels.

Bar Cart Collage

One of my earliest collages created from parts of various kids’ paintings. It hangs over our bar cart in our kitchen.

Half Wall

This is a half wall separating our kitchen from our sunroom.

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